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US taxpayers in Canada (US citizens and green card holders) earning business income would be subject to US self employment tax (SE tax) if it wasn’t for some exemptions in the Canada-US Totalization Agreement.

Under the current exemption, US citizens earning business income in Canada will be exempt from US SE tax as long as they reside in Canada, even if this income is partially earned in the US (although regular US tax would apply).

Although this income would not be subject to US SE tax it will be fully subject to Canadian CPP premiums.

If you have any questions related to SE tax and how it relates to your business income please don’t hesitate to contact us at 250-381-2400.

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Adam Broome
Adam Broome
7 years ago


I am glad I found your website.

My wife and I are US citizens. We reside in Canada… and have no residence in the USA. We are self employed musicians and travel for work both in Canada and the US. The question we have that is partially answered, but not fully enough for our confidence to proceed with filing:

Do we need to submit Schedule C with our 1040?

Thank you for your help in this.


Hershel Klein
Hershel Klein
2 years ago
Reply to  Adam Broome

This is exactly what i would like to know

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