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Looking for written material on a tax write off for out of country medical travel insurance.  Spoke with a nice government employee this morning who found the information I need under Canada Revenue CRA.B.C.ca.  Then he searched through the income tax act 118.   ?????  Being a a Senior, it went right over my head.

He mentioned section 118.2 (2) (Q)

Can you locate this information & e mail it to me?

Please & Thank Zhou.




The following CRA document should help: 2007-0229901E5 discusses the eligibility of medical travel insurance premiums for purposes of the medical expense credit. The eligibility for a “credit” (medical expenses are not available as a deduction) are contained in s.118.2(2)(q) as you mentioned.

Make sure however that the plan meets the definition of a PHSP outlined in the document and that if any of the premium covers additional non-eligible medical expenses the full amount may be denied.

Other documents to consider are also outlined in the enclosed document e.g. related IT tax bulletins.

Hope that helps.



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8 years ago

This article
suggests that the medical portion of travel insurance IS in fact a tax credit even if there is a non-medical portion.

What is the difference between the snowbirds’ insurance (Medipac?) and other travel insurance?

Philip Hogan

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