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Would you be able to answer a tax question for me?

I generally do not make it a habit of randomly emailing tax professionals, however, your website did say “ask a question”.

I’m sure you get tonnes of emails daily looking for free advice, so I do not want to insult you.  I can arrange for payment if need be.

I am a dual US/Canadian citizen who lives in Canada.  Through my work, I have a registered pension plan (defined benefit).  I believe it’s a municipal superannuation plan.

I know for my RRSP’s I used to have to report them on form 8891 to defer the income earned, but I was not aware that I had to do anything for an actual registered pension plan.

I only recently heard that I’m supposed to file form 8833?  Never heard of this form.  Is this true?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Thanks for the email.

Yes, technically this is true. Although the IRS has officially removed the requirement for file form 8891 for RRSPs, it is always a good idea to include an 8833 in your U.S. tax return to ensure the tax deferral under the treaty of any other non-RRSP registered pension plans.

Also do not forget to include the pension plan on form 8938, if that form needs to be filed with the returns.

Hope that helps.



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