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Questions & AnswersWhat can a non-resident Canadian own in Canada? Specifically, can a non-resident Canadian buy a house or car in Canada ahead of establishing residency back in Canada?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I talked briefly with Brent England last year about our planned move back to Victoria in July of 2016. We are currently non-residents of Canada, Canadian citizens, living abroad in South Korea. We have been non-residents since August of 1989. Our current contract and visa for Korea will expire at the end of July 2016. We plan on establishing Canadian residency again at the start of August 2016.
We are interested in getting advice on whether we can purchase a car ahead of our August 2016 residency date, while still in a state of non-residency? Likewise, if an appropriate house were to come available, are we allowed to purchase it ahead of our August 2016 residency date?
We plan on using your services to file our taxes once we return to Canada. Thanks.

1 Answers
Phil HoganPhil Hogan Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the question. Owning a house or buying a car in Canada as a non-resident will not necessarily preclude you from maintaining your non-residency status. If you were in Canada for more than 183 days in a any year or maintained additional ties you may be considered a deemed resident however.
Also note that if you rent the new property as a non-resident various non-resident tax rules need to be addressed to ensure you don’t run into adverse tax consequences.
Please feel free Brent or myself at 250-381-2400 and we can discuss in more detail.

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