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Hutcheson & Co is here to provide both formal business valuations and business advisory services.

Our Chartered Professional Accountants will perform a valuation to address your needs, whether it be for financing purposes, to assess or complement a business transaction (acquisition, amalgamation, sale, buy/sell arrangement), prepare for or defend an active or potential litigation (separation, divorce, shareholder dispute), or to support a tax transaction (transferring assets into a business, estate freeze, date of death tax return).

At Hutcheson & Co. we ensure that a qualified Chartered Professional Accountant familiar with your particular industry carries out the business valuation for your company. A professionally prepared third party business valuation removes the guesswork. We understand the importance of an accurate business valuation.

We also offer ongoing business advisory services. Next time you visit us for your taxes and financial statements, we invite you to consider meeting our valuation services group to complete your annual assessment. Contact a member of the Hutcheson & Co. team today!


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Chartered Professional Accountants

The key to our success

Our team of dynamic Chartered Professional Accountants has been the key to our success since 1987. We are proud of our highly qualified, community oriented colleagues. Learn more about each member of the Hutcheson & Co. team below!