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You can feel confident choosing Hutcheson & Co as your go-to resource for all of your individual and business related non-resident tax services.

Hutcheson & Co’s. non resident tax services are suited for those living outside of Canada. Our team of Canadian non-resident tax specialists at Hutcheson & Co. are adept at ensuring you comply with both individual and business tax regulations while taking advantage of incentives and credits. We make sure that you never have to face double taxation or penalties.

With today’s globalized workforce it is not uncommon to work in a country that you are not a resident of. Which is why we provide quick and efficient non resident tax services to Victoria and the surrounding area. Whether you are an employee of a foreign company, or the owner we make complying with international tax laws simple.

These services include but not limited to: 

Canadian Non-resident Income Tax Compliance Services

  • Preparation of Canadian T1 personal emigration/immigration income tax returns for taxpayers departing from or entering into Canada
  • Preparation of Canadian income tax returns for non-resident individuals/corporations doing business in Canada
  • Preparation of elective non-resident tax returns under sections s.216, s.216.1, s.217 and s.218.3 for non-residents with Canadian sourced income
  • Preparation of GST/HST returns for non-residents owning real estate rental properties
  • Preparation of non-resident tax information slips such as NR4s/NR4SUM, T4A-NRs/T4A-NRSUM
  • Preparation of NR5 and NR6 tax forms for reduction in withholding taxes for non-residents
  • Preparation of form T2062/2062A – Certificate of compliance (clearance certificate) and final T1 non-resident personal income tax return under section 115 for the sale of real property in Canada by non-residents
  • Preparation of form T1261 – Application for individual tax number (ITN#) and non-resident withholding tax account (NR account#) for non-residents with Canadian source income
  • Representation and Liaison with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Canadian Non-resident Tax Planning and Consulting Services

  • Customized exit/entry tax planning and analysis of Canadian tax consequences for Canadians tax residents emigrating (departing) from / immigrating (entering) to Canada
  • In-depth analysis of residency status for Canadian tax purposes by taking into account the primary/ secondary residential ties and other relevant residential factors
  • Consultation and analysis of Canadian tax consequences to foreign professionals/temporary workers/athletes/entertainers
  • Consultation and advisory on investments in Canada including purchase of real estate in Canada by non-residents
  • Advisory on BC speculation tax and foreign buyer tax to non-resident landlords in B.C.

To learn more about how Hutcheson & Co. can help simplify your non resident tax needs, contact a member of our team today!


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