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Hutcheson & Co has spent decades providing comprehensive tax and accounting services to the Real Estate and Construction industry.

We have extensive knowledge of this industry and we help businesses, individuals and developers with their real estate and construction related needs.

We understand the challenges and opportunities you face. Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants can help you make the most of your investment. We will look at your deal and make sure that you are structured to minimize taxes. The tax advisory process begins with this selection of an appropriate structure for you (and your partners) whether it be to hold property personally, in a partnership, a co-ownership arrangement, a joint venture, a trust or a corporation. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and with our help, you’ll make a tax effective choice.

Our advisory does not end there. In Real Estate & Construction, there are many unique pitfalls and opportunities. The success of your project depends on diligent and accurate planning and execution, that mitigate the risks of a CRA audit or challenge. After a structure is in place and the purchase is complete, we will assist you in taking advantage of opportunities such as accelerated tax deductions that may be available for your project.

There are many types of transactions that occur. Some of the other transactions with which we regularly assist are:

  • Non-arm’s length transfers (spouses, estates, children, corporations)
  • Current versus capital expenditures
  • Construction period costs
  • Soft cost deductions
  • Holding property
  • Loss utilization
  • Capital gains related planning for principal residences
  • Capital gains related planning for developers
  • Tenant and leasing rules
  • Replacement property rules
  • Changes in use of property
  • Disposition of real property
  • Income of contractors
  • Business income versus property income
  • Canadians purchasing US Real Estate
  • Non-residents purchasing Canadian Real Estate
  • GST

If you are embarking on a Real Estate Construction investment, contact Hutcheson & Co. today to learn more about how our services will get your project off the ground.


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Chartered Professional Accountants

The key to our success

Our team of dynamic Chartered Professional Accountants has been the key to our success since 1987. We are proud of our highly qualified, community oriented colleagues. Learn more about each member of the Hutcheson & Co. team below!