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Hi Phil

I got your contact info from a friend in Calgary. He said you helped him sort out his late US tax problems and I think I need the same type of help. Here is my situation in a nutshell.

  • I lived in the US for 20 years and moved to Canada 5 years ago
  • Last time I filed US tax returns was 5 years ago
  • I don’t have any US income
  • Total Canadian income is around $85,000 and some smaller amounts of investment income
  • Married with 3 kids

Am I eligible to enter the new offshore disclosure program? I really want to get this mess cleaned up soon as we will be traveling to the US to visit family by the end of the year and I’ve heard they will be asking questions at the border.

Any help would be appreciated.




Thanks for the email. From the information you provided above it looks as though (would need to review your situation in more detail to be sure) you are eligible for the IRS’s streamlined tax filing program. This program allows you to file 3 years of late 1040 return in addition to 6 years of FBAR forms (foreign bank account reporting forms) and any other compliance forms required.

The eligibility requirements will depend of a list of factors, therefore it would be prudent to review your situation to ensure you’re eligible.

Please give me a call to discuss at your convenience. You can reach me in the office at 250-381-2400.



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8 years ago

Hi Phil

My brother and I were both born in the US and need to desperately catch up our US tax filings.

We own a consulting business and will be traveling down to the US for a big chunk of 2015 and don’t want to get hassled at the border.

We both still have US passports and social security numbers.

I see you’re in victoria BC. We’re in Calgary, can we do everything remotely or would we have to travel to Victoria?



Philip Hogan

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